Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Video Security System

Logitech Alert 750i
Logitech Alert 750i Security System
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Logitech 750i Security System Review

Welcome to our overview and description of the Logitech 750i Do-It-Yourself Home Security System.

In this write-up we will be taking an in-depth look at the Logitech Alert 750i Video Security System.  We will review a description of the 750i, we'll examine both positive and negative comments from actual owners of this system, and give an overall recommendation and rating.

Logitech 750i Indoor Video Security System Description & Features

The Logitech Alert 750i Indoor Security System is an extensive digital video security system. Offering 24 hour remote viewing, wide-angle lenses, mobile alerts, and DH quality video, the Alert 750i offers extensive security in an affordable do-it-yourself indoor remote monitoring system.

Effortless set-up and installation

  • On-screen directions direct you when you set up the Logitech Alert software on your computer
  • You can put the surveillance camera in practically any location utilizing the desktop stand, wall mount or suction cup mount
  • Broadcast video with no wiring. HomePlug technology uses current wiring and electrical outlets

High-definition quality video

  • HD video resolution: 960 x 720 @15fps
  • Wide-angle lens provides you with a complete 130° field of view

Alerts for when you are not at home

  • Notifications are sent to your email or phone when indoor motion is detected.
  • Camera automatically detect motion. When motion is detected, cameras will instantly start recording and trigger an alert.
  • Secure susceptible places such as windows and doors by setting as many as sixteen different motion detection zones

24 Hour Video Monotoring and Protection

  • View video clips by means of your smart phone (iPhone, Android, Blackberry compatible)
  • Observe videos live over the internet using any computer or Mac

Easy to expand

  • Set up as many as 6 outdoor and indoor cameras


Logitech Alert 750i Reviews

Sample Customer Reviews

The Logitech Alert 750i Video Security System receives great reviews from actual owners with over 86% of all owners rating this unit as 4 or 5 stars (out of 5).

Positive Customer Reviews and Comments

The software is extremely simple to use, yet offers some bells and whistles such as motion alerts by email, live recording and playback, and basic controls such as zoom.
-- J.B.

This does what it says it does. I had it working in 15 minutes. It's fabulous and the picture is crystal clear. I originally purchased this as a "nanny cam" but it is great for overall security.
-- T.M.

This is an outstanding video security system with very few things to complain about.  Great color quality, zoom works great, easy to install.
-- B.T.

Negative Customer Reviews and Comments

The quality of the video is very good. However, the system records only when it detects motion, and it does not always reliably detect motion.
-- T.R.

The setup is definitely not as easy as it claimed, at least for my case.
-- H.P.